Unique digital marketing and branding solutions for businesses


We are focused on the business development areas, especially in the field of branding. Many businesses don’t utilise the power of branding and are left with very little digital presence. 

Our two year old company, has made Software on Billing Automation. However, MarkFly Ventures gained many clients and provided them services such as Website developing, Website designing, Video Making, and Digital marketing.

We were keen on getting investors for developing ‘ERP Solutions’ at the early stages, but could not fetch anyone to invest, so the investments were seeded from our own earnings. That was only possible by selling things from our personal asset, which we never regretted! However, we are working for the entire project to complete with various features in the ERP Software by the end of this year, 2020. But, when it comes to selling the required ERP solutions for clients, we work on customised solutions for enterprises. 

Marking to the fullest potential, Mark-Fly Ventures is now selling Billing Automation Software, in the first place, followed by the services of Website development and designing.

The Solution to all our branding techniques are; by giving every client a digital presence with our various services such as Digital Branding, Digital Marketing, Video Creations, and Software Development. 

The USP of Mark-Fly is that, it caters to all the problems of a business. Having an all-round performance makes us unique, not just as a business branding and a Software firm but also, in connecting with people and understanding their business to the core. We, don’t sell products, but customise according to Client’s need. We first ask them the problems they are facing in their business and come out with a strategy to solve it, by providing various services. 

Our long term goal is what our clients appreciate for, we at Mark-Fly are building a talent sharing application called MARKTAL and it would be soon available in the market by next year probably. This application is mainly for all the professionals have their digital presence, helping upcoming entrepreneurs to have a technical social media profile. It will have followers/following options, just like how the other social media sites are made, but differently! 



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