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It has been two years since I had decided to independently venture into the development of Virtual and augmented reality-based applications, the term which already seems to be turning old with how much we have advanced over the period. Now we have XR in general which bridges both the tag of Virtual and Augmented reality into one close existence.

Aatral creations is a startup case study about how we have set ourselves on a route with making VR as a common term in many of our client’s vocabulary.

What does Virtual Reality mean for a regular person?

A quick anecdote, which would have happened in your life too, suddenly someone closes your eyes from behind and you do not know who it is and when they open your eyes again you see a gift box in front of you. You are excited and filled with joy. The excitement is because of something you did not expect, your first VR experience, sorry to break it, is going to be very similar to that. Then in a fraction of a second, the thought of what could be inside the gift box comes, the moment of Virtual Reality strikes.

Whether VR has a business perspective?

Yes, putting up the awe of joy is easy, getting users into the unknown is easy. You would be surprised to see how curious everyone is about VR.

It is our childhood dream of being teleported from one place to another. This is the part where things get tricky, you have given them the wow factor, but have you given them the solution? Every day in these two years has been a cat on the wall situation. When you set foot on the other side, you would lose the balance on the other. This challenge has been part of our learning curve, which has helped bring Virtual Reality closer to business reality.

Our experience in the wilderness:

Throughout this period, we have taken the risk of not being shy to get the people who will be visualizing our product on board to give us direct feedback. It has been an integral part of our evolution from a techie company to a company with solutions to business. To make any solution work, we should know the requirements in the area and find the voids left by the current technology, which could be filled with the use of another. During the last two years, we have showcased our products to more than 1000 end users, have perfected our path, and our focus on specific targets.

Our technology your solution:

We have been closely working with architects in our early stage getting their validations into the development of our product for Architectural Visualization. For a product to work in construction you would need the content to be absorbable at the different end of the flows. Whether it is in selling to the buyer or pitching the plan to a mogul. You need to establish concrete proof of what is doable, and how errors in judgment can be overruled at an early stage. Data stored just in white and blue papers can be seen in their skeletal structure and BIM data immersed into them. Presentations that can be seen and understood, can be experienced right now. Would you not love a stimulating discussion, with the person next to you or a remote location?

When the knowledge that is experienced can be used to train and simulate, it brings more value to the table. Consider the amount of time and energy spent on creating CAD models and 3D contents in the planning and marketing stage and then leave the data which is gold left unused. This is where we pitch into building one of your greatest asset KaaS(Knowledge as a Service) which will help your company drive productivity for the future.

Industrial Case Studies:

  • In Automobile industries
  • One of the immediate beneficiaries of using XR is the automobile industry.
  • The use of XR in Designing stage helps address faults in design before even creating the prototype.
  • Remote collaboration saving a lot of cost in travel and time.
  • XR has been the most sought out technology now.
  • In Heavy machinery industries
  • Safety in industries is critical, thus XR will play a vital hand in these.
  • XR helps build behavioural changes, helping better decisions.
  • Both skilled and unskilled, have an equal impact during training.
  • Architectural developments
  • Use of XR in the industry gets the business of marketing real estate to a whole new level
  • For the first time, you can take your entire building in your pocket.
  • Plan and sell your buildings from your desk, with the use of collaborative tools.
  • Employee Upskilling
  • Having your employees ready to work, using XR for SOP.
  • Create muscle memory by recreating and repeating the real-time scenarios.
  • Skill development with gamification adds more excitement and participation.

A stall from our team in a real estate trade fair was a big crowd puller, drawing more foot traffic among the stalls.

Our training stalls drew the attention of employees, who were ready to spend their break time in experiencing real-life simulations.

A recent webinar conducted by our team to showcase our expertise in XR attracted a crowd of more than 100 members in one of the leaders in the automobile industry. 

The know more about we can help you in this digital transformation, contact us as via We are eager to see what kind of challenge you can throw at us.



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