Toffee Ride: Learning App for Classes I-IV


Toffee Ride is an app-based learning solution to supplement primary school education. It acts as a virtual private tutor to kids, which adapts intelligently to the learning needs of every child.

Most of the widely adopted solutions for older children, like e-learning platforms and YouTube videos that parents typically rely on to supplement the learning at school did not seem to work too well for the primary school children like my child. The macro picture was even more thought-provoking. Findings of studies such as the ASER report suggest that hardly 50% of fifth-grade students can read a grade II textbook which points to a significant gap in the learning levels of primary school children.

After around three months of extensive research and interactions with parents, teachers, and academic experts, I left my job as the CEO of a Bangalore-based firm, to pursue my passion for bridging the gaps in the primary education sector. After two years, we have evolved into a comprehensive learning platform for primary school kids with more than 800 engaging lessons and 6000 interactive activities, delivered using an intelligent platform. Broadly aligned to the NCERT curriculum, we have vast content for classes I – IV.

We are now four core members team, two of my friends from NIT, handling technology and operations and the third, an award-winning creative director who manages the UX part. We have 15 employees to ensure that new content is made available daily to the fast-growing user base, which currently stands at around 15000.

We take pride in that every single design criteria has been driven by the actual needs of kids and parents. The app has built-in intelligence to assess the learning levels of each child and make necessary customizations in their learning path. Lessons are followed by questions and activities which tests the understanding of the child from multiple angles. Meaningful insights and incentives like exciting games have been added to improve the learning experience further.

We are piloting a B2B variant of the app for use in a few schools in the vicinity. Trials are also on to make the app available to underprivileged children in Government schools through CSR partnerships with a few corporates who are sensitive to the cause. We are also in talks with a media giant for marketing support.



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