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Technology, innovation in Agriculture

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Krishitantrais social start-up in Agri-Tech domain, that develops reliable and cost-effective technology solutions for farmers pertinent to Indian soil and ensuring optimal nutrition content in the crops. 

We have three stakeholders who are connected with a common problem in Indian agriculture practices: farmers, fertilizer companies and the Indian government. We constantly read that traditional farmers face difficulties in crops harvest, loss in productivity and decreased profitability. Majority of the farmers in India do not use scientific results to choose the crop type and quantify amount of fertilizer needed, hence farmers often end up growing crops which are unsuitable for soil and has unbalanced nutrition for crop. Furthermore, unbalanced fertilizer leads to over/under fertigation which impacts on the brand-name of the fertilizer companies.

Government of India has subsidized the fertilizers and over usage of fertilizer will cost the govt exchequer more than what will be required. Over utilization of fertilizer also leads to GHG emissions and threat for food security of the country.

We have developed a rapid and automated soil health and fertilizer recommendation platform, which enables farmers to get soil test report along with agronomy advisory in few minutes as an SMS in preferred language. Our signature product, Doseion, is the world’s first EC, pH dosing system with real time agronomy and also controls the pump attached to deliver the nutrients and pH balance. We use 38 sensory parameters to get accurate results and provide critical information to farmers regarding NPK, micronutrients, pH level of water, temperature of soil and climate conditions.

Currently, we are present in over five states of India namely Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Telangana. We have performed over 10,000 soil tests until now, helped over 900 farmers and have covered 800 acres of land. We have target to reach over one Million farmers by end of 2021.



  1. Hey, it’s great initiative Mr. Sandeep. It will help lot of people as we have huge number of farmers in country. Would definitely like to here more from you on this. There is one question emerging in my mind, Do you guys even deal in Soil Organic Carbon too???

  2. Great idea Mr. Sandeep ! Additionally to this,I have one more idea related to topic innovation in agricultural field.Do reach me out on my email-id.We can discuss about it.


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