Technology enabled all weather Gyms for the future


Broid is the brainchild of Sushi Technologies Pvt Ltd an IIMK Live incubatee, founded by Sumith Kumar and Shihab EA, two former travelling medico marketing professionals turned entrepreneurs. Since we both belonged to the constantly moving professionals community, we had the leverage of better understanding of the fitness needs and pain points of the modern working class and the next generation urban middle class. We have observed that Fitness studios generally cater to the needs of those who are stationed at one city and if somebody who is constantly on the move will be forced to take membership at multiple studios at all the cities they have to travel. This was not financially feasible for most of the members at the target community. Going deeper into the domain we have learned that it’s not only the financial burden which keeps most of the urban middle class from starting or pursuing a fitness oriented lifestyle. People lacked proper knowledge about general fitness, they have lacked enough motivation to bring in fitness habits in to their priority during the course of their busy days. Our research was aimed at bringing a solution to all these problems within a platform. 

Thats how the idea of Broid shaped in to the current format, with a network of 120+ premium unisex gyms from across the state made available with per day pay per use flexibility, working on a mobile application which also provides exercise and diet modules on a user specific schedule, keeps the user constantly motivated with regular reminders and provide a packet of fitness knowledge on regular intervals. Broid envisioned to provide a user experience which is a blend of fitness network, technology and community- all of which will ensure that each user gets gains betterment in their fitness level without the hassles of conventional gym memberships. 

After the launch, marketing researches and costumer feedback as promoters we understood that the service should not be limited to the travelling community but its useful for a vast majority in our society. People who wanted to start a fitness journey, people who were currently in other fitness activities like jogging, cycling and other sports activities, people who wanted to experience newer studios, all these new customer segments were seen showing equal or more enthusiasm to use the services of Broid from the earlier days of the launch. Once we recieved these insights we have reshaped the marketing strategies accordingly and now more than 8000 users are registered on Broid. 

Due to Covid lockdown effect businesses like fitness and wellness industry are going to be appointment oriented, to manage crowd inside the fitness centres. Keeping this in mind, Currently the our backend team lead by Mr. Rabbi C Benny, CTO is working on a service update as well as app experience update during the lockdown period. We are working on adding all fitness and wellness experts’ services available on the Broid app. Also group classes at different gyms will be another attraction in the updated Broid app. Geographical expansion to the nearby metros will be another improvement in the coming months our team is expecting to pull off. 

There are few take home lessons from our journey with Broid. We vouched ourselves to be really flexible in shaping the products according to the needs of end customer, our agility and the pace while launching the product and introducing multiple marketing plans became our leverage in many occasions. Our habit of continuous research in innovating and gaining knowledge in the domain is another valable lesson for any startup. Finally the unquenchable survival spirit the team is exhibiting even during the toughest period- the covid lockdown period is praiseworthy. All these are some of the vital ingredients for any startups during the early days of its inception. Let us hope that with Broid we, Sushi Technologies will be able to bring a paradigm shift in the way our generation approaches life and health.



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