Start early and compound your growth!


Ruchi and I are siblings, having different interests and skill sets. I work on the creative side of the brain while she, on the technical. That’s how we complement each other in identifying, engaging and executing our operations. Planning, analyzing and acceptance of ideas are mutually worked upon.

The main challenges I faced during my startup ( Upahaar) journey are the following
• Optimal marketing strategy.
• Time management alongside my infant.

We have enrolled ourselves for one of the workshops of a renowned marketing company, Mad Over Marketing (M.O.M), and alike to learn and understand strategies that could help us increase our customer base and get social media presence.

I was aware of this challenge that constituted external factors much before I started up. However I consider, It is best to start early to dodge many of the problems that a lot of start-ups face. There has been quality learning and understanding of the drawbacks of not starting up early. Hence, I wanted to start now even after knowing this challenge existed because I did not want to make the same mistake again.

Mantra to Wannabe entrepreneurs:

Start early and compound your growth! Have a plan B and have all your internal and external factors that influence decisions in your business sorted well in advance.



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