Ship247: An online platform to book ocean freight


UnzoTech is a technology company with a strong focus in the logistics sector. Currently, we run an
online platform which helps companies book ocean freight for their import and exports purposes. We serve routes to and from major all Indian ports with focus on expanding to Inland Ports and 3 rd country routes. In the past 5-10 years all the sectors have experienced some sort of digital transformation. Finance & Entertainment industries have seen a rapid adoption of digital & technological solutions which have made the industry efficient and provided greater customer experience. However, logistics as a sector has been a lagger in this transformation. I was able to experience this first hand as I’ve grown up witnessing my family business in logistics. Additionally, close proximity of India’s biggest sea port & an Industrial hub, made me interact with many people on a daily basis who were associated with this sector.

After working with our logistics company for a year, seeing my family business work with rudimentary
digitisation & technology, while still depending on manual records and interactions for information &
transactions was bothering me. I’ve always believed that there were better ways to do this business.
Hence, I decided to launch solutions for this sector.
Our products have hit the market at a very convenient time. Coronavirus has created havoc across the world and we wish for it to get over soon, but it has also triggered a series of rapid digital
transformations for this industry. Consequently, this has made our platform and products gain
exceptional customer traction. is currently promoting the marketplace extensively to generate traction. Since July 2020, 
we have started developing productivity tools for logistics companies which will help them stream-line & digitise their processes. We are also in the ideation stage of creating a documents and payments exchange platform for logistics stakeholders which will help eliminate hundreds of documents involved in international cargo logistics & create a seamless transactional process by bringing in efficiencies. As an end note I would like to say we are making this system reliable and flawless by using blockchain solutions.



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