Providing resources to the parenting community to unlock the full potential in children


Korroboree, when spelled with a ‘​C​’ means a spiritual sacred gathering in the Aboriginal language. Under the brand name Korroboree, I, along with my co-founder Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide, am creating a parenting platform for parents and primary caregivers where they will be able to access resources that show them the way to expand human potential in themselves and their children. They will then be able to unlock and learn the capacity to be more mindful in everything they do and thus help their children find the secret sauce to a successful and abundant life that will be rich in both skills and emotional quotient.

To start with, there is a huge need for us to shift our focus away from rote-learning practices. We, as a society need to adapt to changing times to incorporate better and newer learning practices that equip our children and other generations as well with skills required to become successful and lead happy lives. As we are moving ahead in time, all information is easily accessible at our finger tips, the same information we make our children learn when they are young and will never use in practical life or the information that they will like to have in future. We need to help our children develop better EQ and not run behind grades and scores that depict just a good IQ on their part.

This soon to be launched parenting portal will explore the role parents need to play in empowering children to attain their highest potential by developing the capacity for creativity, intuition and ingenuity; the capacity that will enable children to find their greatness in the coming age of imagination. This will include conversations with global experts and thought leaders of neuroscience, behavioural science and energy science, motivational science and developing habits of mind that lead to a life of happiness, fulfilment, and success. Parents will hear from people such as Jill Blakeway a Ted Global speaker and best- selling author of ‘​Energy Medicine​’, Angela Lee Duckworth Ted Speaker and best-selling author of ‘​Grit​’, Marisa Peer world-renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy Trainer and best-selling author and Ozan Varol best-selling author of ‘​Think Like a Rocket Scientist​’.

The mission is an expansion of thinking, mindful contemplation, and a shift from parenting for our children to survive, to parenting for our children to thrive and in the process creating a sustainable, peaceful, and abundant world.

The online platform is under development and we plan to launch it in the month of October.



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