Moving from traditional Aqua Farming techniques to modernized and sustainable models


Dissolved Oxygenplus, is a venture to bring diversified, profitable and sustainable products into the rapidly growing aquaculture market. Since launch, they have covered six states and installed 66 devices successfully across India.

Next, to feed, oxygen is the most crucial factor for determining the success of an aquaculture enterprise. Sufficient quality of oxygen in water ensures that the animal grows well and stays healthy. However, existing products had some issues like high cost, high power consumption, oil leakage issues and noise pollution.

In 2018, we introduced our flagship product, Sprinkler Aerator, which has gone through rigorous field trials, research and improvements. We hope to impact the Aquaculturists across the globe through our products.

In Sprinkler Aerator, the water comes out from the nozzle with high velocity and falls into the pond water in drops, thus contacting the air on a large surface and dissolving oxygen from it. When the water drops hit the water surface, turbulence occurs, increasing the diffusion of air into the water. The water jet nozzle directs down at a specified angle in water, which helps to mix DO to the bottom of the pond and creating a regular flow of water as the water jet nozzle placed parallel will help to maintain a steady stream throughout the pond.

The notable benefits of sprinkler aerator as compared to conventional aerators are: 

1. It consumes less power.

2. Enhanced sweeping area for producing more DO. 

3. Environment-friendly & low maintenance.

4. It also cools down the temperature of the water, which in turn allows more DO.

5. No fear of animal mortality and keeps the predatory birds away.

6. Can administer all water-soluble medicine through our system.

7. Re- Circulation of the pond water.

Meanwhile, we have also developed a new product, Baffle Blower Aerator, which can revolutionise the aeration industry with its cost-effectiveness. We have arranged for a trial pond at Nellore for doing the real-time trial of Baffle blower aerator. We have impacted 17 aquaculturists in Orissa, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. We are looking for investors to scale up the operation. 



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