Managing huge inventories for e-commerce using IoT

Drones scanning package


One of the evenings I met a friend of mine who works for a famous e commerce company. During our discussion I got to know about the challenges faced by ecommerce and retail stores in managing huge inventories. Being a techie I always try to find solution and from here actually the journey of Qual5 Pvt. Ltd. started. 


Qual5provides IoT Based Inventory Intelligence, Loss Prevention and Asset Tracking for Retail Industry. Our solution delivers real-time visibility, inventory accuracy and scalable process automation to help retailers maximize their business outcomes and enhance customer experience in a digitally-driven shopping world. 


Today most of the retail stores and warehouse are struggling with inaccurate inventory, redundant activities, suboptimal picking, product diversification, seasonal demands, high labor cost, avoiding product damage, handling returned items. With a robust inventory management system these challenges can be handled

Solution and How its different and unique

A combination of IoT scanners and software is developed at Qual5 using cutting edge technologies in IIoT and AI/ ML. Various types of IoT scanners both fixed and non-fixed (Handhelds & Drones) readers connects each inventory at every square feet, achieving 100% visibility of inventory across the supply chain, enabling faster business decisions based on real time data of inventory movement

In todays’ world when these solutions are not available under one roof, we bring it end to end with a read accuracy of 99.9%, all that packaged into customizable as-a-service based model with transparent pricing

Our Inventory Managing Drones

At Qual5, our bias towards problem solving by understanding the challenges has driven us towards conceiving various solution marvels, an Autonomous inventory managing Drones for example. Drones for GPS denied environment has to completely depend on onboard sensors for achieving flight stability. We have leveraged superior processing power of Snapdragon Chipsets and various computer vision algorithms to build an Autonomous Piloting Drone with Obstacle avoidance. Our Drones constructs occupancy map of the entire warehouse to execute autonomous path planning in case of an obstacle. Using on-board Wifi, RFID sensors, it can scan upto 900 products per sec with a flight time of 45 mins. This increases the inventory accuracy and efficiency of any warehouse approx. by 200%

Current Status

We have successfully built various types of Hardware IoT Scanners and AI based inventory management software for real time analytics. The solution has been deployed at various retail enterprises across India on PoC basis

Till now we have got very good feedback from industry and we are working with one of the largest ecommerce company in India. We are in advanced discussion with well known brands globally and very soon we would be able to bring disruption in retail/ warehouse automation with our solution. Our vision is to build cost effective data collection devices for retail marketplaces and ecommerce supply chains to track and protect 40 billions retail products every year.



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