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Making public transport smoother and cleaner

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One day breath in Delhi is equivalent to smoking fifty cigarettes! Traffic congestion and pollution are common problems faced by most cities and are going to worsen each day. Odd-even like rules to solve the problem by promoting public transportation through the elimination of cars from the roads was largely unsuccessful and was counterproductive to economic growth.

Buses are the most common mode of public transport. However, there is zero passenger information infrastructure in bus stations, buses and bus-stop even in this digital era unlike in many other countries. Because of this, a lot of passengers avoid public transport and choose cars and bikes instead. The result is increased traffic, pollution, fossil fuel consumption and accidents. Below is the picture of the current situation at not only bus stops but also in buses and bus terminals.

Improved public transport infrastructure and its promotion is the only choice to solve this problem. Recent researches indicate that improved ICT passenger information infrastructure can eliminate around 25% of car and bike trips from the roads in this 4G era. Below picture shows the importance of promotion of public transport.

We, at Busparrot is developing a passenger information platform for the public transport industry, helping bus passengers by making real-time bus information available at the common point of contacts.

We are getting excellent passenger feedback from pilot tests and started revenue generation. I had sent a letter to PMOI regarding the digital transformation of public transport in the country. I had connected to the state Motor Vehicle department and Intelligent Transport of C-DAC, they are also ready to pay us for the digital transformation. Also approached KSRTC and recently got an order for some 100 touch screens, but unfortunate corona pandemic problem spoiled this multi-crore project as the government is closing all touch screens to avoid the spread of viruses. I also had sent a letter to CM of Kerala, for the next bus QR code-based digital transformation of bus stops in the state. They also connected us to the Motor Vehicle department and the application is in processing.

Next, we are planning to target Smart and Amrut Cities, transport corporations, vehicle departments etc all over India and abroad for the digital transformation of bus stations, bus stops and buses, in parallel to targeting the private buses and local bodies.



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