Iraaloom: Manufacturing eco-friendly products for a sustainable future


Iraaloom, it’s really a dream come true. A big dream that has been lingering in my mind for years. I spent years researching how to bring art and creativity into a business model. In 2015, after doing Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, I found time to start a project while doing various jobs. Iraah Loom International Pvt Ltd started in the beginning of 2019 by me and my brother Nithin raj. It started out as an eco-friendly corporate gift company, and the first customers were mostly school and college teachers.

We built products for their programs and then for many different companies under their own brand name. Later, with the government’s ban on plastics, there we got a very good market for our products. Iraaloom mainly produces eco-friendly products from natural fibers. The products are made of paper, cotton and jute.

In addition to regular products, we also make premium products for the premium corporate clients. There are many products available for all types of people. Our main aim is to bring eco – friendly products to more people and thereby reduce the usage of plastic products and decrease the pollution rate. Our new project‌ iraamovement aims to bring traditional artists who making different kinds of handmade products from clay, bamboo and screw pine. We are going to place them under one umbrella and bring their products to a better market.

Iraa’s e-commerce multivendor website will go live soon with wide variety of handicraft products can now be purchased online. The online platform will connect the makers to buyer system, so that they will get a very good market opportunity. Iraaloom is available in all kinds of social media platforms. Now we are based in Kozhikode and we have many working units all over Kerala, around 30+ women workers are working for us.  We are looking forward to expand our working units across Kerala and through our website we are making our products more visible to the public.



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