Internshala: India’s best internship and online training platform

internshala team

Back in 2010 (and even today), everyone was talking about how Indian graduates were not employable. On the other hand, students often complained of not finding their first jobs fulfilling since they had different expectations. I felt a culture of meaningful internships could solve both the problems and there wasn’t any substantial effort happening in India at that time so I decided to take it up. Incidentally, one of my close friends from IIT days was also looking for an internship at the same time and he could not find one and I felt a platform was needed to bridge the gap. If somebody with that kind of qualification could not find an internship, what about others?

That was how the idea of Internshalawas born. We also felt one should help students with the other needs in the long run. To express this vision, I decided to name the company Scholiverse — Scholar’s Universe — but kept the brand name as Internshala. On Internshala, a student can search and apply to an internship of her choice as well as get trained on skills needed to get an internship. The internship platform is absolutely free for both students and the employers.

In 2013, we realised that most of the students did not have skills that could get them the internship they were applying to and hence we launched an online training platform, Internshala Trainings, to bridge the skill gap. We started with one training on Web Development with a batch of 150 and over the years have added 20+ training programs (French Language, Creative Writing, Ethical Hacking, Machine Learning, Android, Digital Marketing, Excel etc.) and the yearly enrollments for the trainings have grown to 1.2 lac. The trainings offer the flexibility of learning anytime anywhere to our users that traditional classroom training programs lack. These are designed to teach an industry-relevant skill than a subject, are extremely affordable (costing ~ Rs. 1500 per learner for a 6 weeks program), highly engaging, and come with daily mentor support. All of this put together provides the best-in-class learning experience to our users.



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