Indian perfume brand with international clientele


Royochis the parent company which started with making and selling best quality perfumes under the brand name  ’Royoch’ which has customers across India, Germany, USA. Later we started a sanitary napkin brand ‘Oitary’ which is launched in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra and soon will expand in other cities in India.  We are looking for to expand our product line and now focusing on its marketing in both rural and urban areas. Also we have our online presence of products through our website and Amazon platform.

After Make in India Scheme was launched in India by the Government, I found the opportunity and focused on quality product manufacturing in India. I personally found that lot of cosmetics and FMCG brands having major market share are not Indians. So I founded Royoch LLP and started with making premium perfumes and got a good response from his customers. Later, in Covid 19 period we provided Hand sanitizers and hand washes to retail stores to compensate its shortage. Our team also created a low cost ventilator in Covid times which was shortlisted by National Innovation Foundation of India.

We launched our new product under the brand name ‘Oitary’ which is the sanitary napkins as only 15% of the women’s are able to access to sanitary napkins in lockdown period.

Royoch LLP is aiming to expand it to different cities as soon as possible so that the women’s can get the product in these crucial times. Focusing also on the rural market we are planning to conduct various campaigns for menstrual hygiene and health. We are simultaneously working on collaborating with various NGO’s and start-ups working in the same sector.

In coming times, we are planning to launch products in personal hygiene sector also. Also focusing on expanding to various cities and try to get as much retail and distribution counters in various cities as possible.



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