How feedbacks helped us to create a startup which helps others to get feedbacks and reviews

joshin and hari

I am Harikrishnan, Co-founder of Phacsin. My co-founders Joshin, Sachin, and I studied together in college. As we had a lot of time during those days to pursue our interests we used to help our friends with service projects as a vocation to hone our programming skills and to constructively use our free time. Surprisingly we were getting a lot of requests for developing websites from our batchmates references. In our many discussions, one of the ideas that struck our mind was to create a product for self-service website development. A platform where users can create a website all by themselves by pulling some templates and plugins. 

While the idea looked promising our markets were not exactly ready for it. Although our platform had all the tools required to create a website, users were still calling us to do the job for them. It wasn’t getting the right amount of traction either. Nevertheless, the project gave us a lot of insights into the market of website development.

One of the key things that we noticed in our market fitment test was that a large number of customers were struggling to get feedback for the services or products that they sold. Our research found out that one of the major reasons for this was that they were unable to frame coherent English sentences to fill in the feedback section. Their shortage of time, lack of incentives, and sometimes sheer laziness were other factors that determined usable feedback. The only time customers gave reviews o feedback was when they had a bad experience with the product or platform. 

Realizing a genuine need, we zeroed down on this problem of not getting quality feedback and started to work on KRITQ, a startup that helps customers deliver quality and constructive comments, observations, and suggestions. Our discussions with many businesses both online and offline and researching through various studies from many universities found that having a good review improved their businesses tremendously. 

Currently, we are in our beta testing stage and is an invite-only platform. We will be opening it shortly for the public when the product becomes stable for mass adoption.



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