House91: Making the process of relocation comfortable and fun keeping the customer in mind


Hi! We are Ishita and Sreshtha, founders of House91. As children, our parents moved around a lot in Bangalore, from one home to the other. It would often be a hassle for us to pick up our lives and move to a different area. We would have to relocate homes, understand new housing societies, make new friends, and repeatedly have the permanent address changed on all our IDs (Phew!).

We at House91, provide an array of services that include cultural orientation, city tours, school search, home search, packing and forwarding, immigration and local paperwork, to streamline one’s move. We understand a home is the most personal place for a family, and we work towards helping one find a home and neighbourhood that reflects their essence. 

As we grew older, we started moving to different cities or states and eventually moved to different countries. The challenges always seemed to be the same in essence, but the stakes were always higher. Having lived and survived all these challenges throughout our lives, we thought of making this tedious process and experience of moving from anywhere in the world to India or moving within India not only easier but better; and thus, came to life House91

We started our journey in the year of 2019, with a vision of becoming a local guide for anyone moving international, national or local borders. As the generations are changing, the way we move has also redefined itself.  

Hit us up if you’re looking to make India (+91) your home (House)!

A note from our successfully relocated families/Read what our clients in the past have said:

  • “From our first meeting and well into the first month in our new home, Ishita and her team at House91 went above and beyond to support us.  Whether it was shopping for curtains in a different part of the city or lowering the level of the bathroom sink so my young son could reach it, Ishita would always say yes and try her best to accommodate us.  As is inevitable with home moves, things didn’t always go according to plan, but we always had Ishita to help us find a solution.  Many thanks to the House91 team for setting a new professional standard of excellence in moving!” – Anuja and Abhijeet Master Bose
  • “I had a great time connecting with their team. They are professionals who add their personal touch in making moving homes an easy and fun activity!!” – Bhavana and Deepesh 



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