Helping Govt to spread awareness and fight fake news


With the exponential progress in WhatsApp and social media penetration in India and
an increase in the number of cases of fake news emerging every day, there was a
growing need to contain Fake news. We started with a vision to curb the dissemination
of fake news among the public and completed the first iteration of the product in late

Qkopy app works like a radio, that means information can be broadcasted to ‘n’ number of
people instantly from a single credible source as notifications. The mobile number used
during our app registration/sign up as a new user account is the credible source.
Hence we can trace fake, panic causing and inauthentic forwarded messages back to
the registered mobile number. People who save the mobile number with our app will
receive the authentic information propagated from a single trustworthy source. The
foremost benefit of our product is that the message can be traced back to the source,
achieving transparency in real news broadcasting with the use of progressive

During the development period of the application, we were in constant correspondence
with the Startup Mission about the progress and the value proposition of our product.
When the Kerala government enquired about any startup which can help them during
the Nipah outbreak in 2018, Startup Mission immediately recommended us. Kerala
government was looking for tools to contain the spread of fake news and to stop panic
among citizens. We got the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our use case!

We immediately garnered media attention and have won many awards since then. We
also helped the government during Kerala flood and recently during the worldwide
coronavirus pandemic. Gok-Direct, an application based on Qkopy for Kerala
government, has seven lakh+ downloads within two months and appeared in the top
downloaded category in the Android Play Store (India).
We have come a long way since inception and looking forward to hitting more
milestones in the future!



  1. Perseverance is an important competency to become an entrepreneur. Being process oriented is definitely important for a company to scale. Hats off to your team. I feel sky is the limit for you guys. I would like to get in touch to know more about Qkopy.


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