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Chatveda is a Conversational AI agency founded by marketing enthusiasts with over a decade of collective industry experience. We help brands generate leads and grow sales for businesses with result-driven chatbots on Messenger and WhatsApp.

Our Mission: To help brands grow with the all-new revolutionary marketing channel – messaging apps.

Co-founded by Abid Omar and Nikesh Ghosh in August 2019, Chatveda expanded its core team to include content specialist Teesha Thomas who joined as a Managing Partner and Head of Content in March 2020.

The Problem

Communication has changed.

One-to-many marketing channels are failing to give back results while getting more expensive – leading to a drastic drop in returns on investment.

With a highly competitive market and rapidly declining attention spans in a mobile-first world, businesses are struggling to attract their customer’s attention.

Adblocking is up by a whopping 90% each year and over 25% of emails that customers have manually opted-in for still go into spam. Add to this, social media, once touted as the great savior of digital marketing, is increasingly crowded and difficult to monetize.

The Solution

For the first time in history, the number of people using mobile messaging apps is greater than social network users. Today, mobile messaging apps are bigger than social networks.

Over 2.5 billion people use messaging apps worldwide with 87% of smartphone users using mobile messaging apps. By 2022, the number of chat or messaging app users will cross three billion.

That’s three billion users that form the largest captive market for businesses of all kinds.

But, how do businesses get talking to them? One can’t simply flood their apps with promotional material the way SMS marketing did.

Meet Chat Marketing: Chat marketing helps businesses to overcome the usual hurdles and connect with their customers. With Messenger & Whatsapp chatbots, one can cultivate any customer’s initial interest into conversion – while steadily building a relationship with them on a channel they use throughout the day.

Chat Marketing can fix a lot of your current marketing problems and grow your business exponentially like, Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Support, and automated AI conversations.

With an average open rate of 90% and a click-through rate of 50%, chat marketing is the ideal choice for businesses to educate, engage with, and sell to their audience directly. In fact, it easily fixes most of the current marketing problems businesses face in lead generation, sales, and customer support and can lead to exponential growth.

At Chatveda, we leverage the incredible potential of chat marketing for our clients by through custom, end-to-end, result-driven chat marketing campaigns for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – the leading chat messaging apps on the planet.

Current Stats

Business is booming at Chatveda even amidst, or perhaps because of, the global pandemic. Every single business has been pushed towards a digital transformation to stay relevant. Our offerings enable them to get on the digital bandwagon, quickly.

As our business grows, so is our team with new partners and people being added every month. We will also soon be opening our doors to interns with the right skill set to nurture even more minds to make it big in what is a fast-growing industry moving out of its nascent stage. We believe the future is chat marketing and ‘the now is conversations’.




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