Hashboosh – A platform for budding fashion designers to find their audience


In colloquial Malayalam, Hashboosh means – of high fashion with a hint of snobbery. We, Dhibin Jacob, Javed Anaz, Ravi Sankar R and Sethunath SR were doing an academic project by as part of our executive MBA programme from IIM Kozhikode. The idea was to bring budding designers, manufacturers, buyers and other stakeholders of the fashion community under its platform. And so was born Hashboosh(#B).

We are a LIVE incubated start-up that tries to solve the complementary needs of Fashion designers who find it hard to reach the market/customers, and that of the Consumers who crave for unique and new designs. We organize design challenges on our online platform in which designers from across the country participate. Winning designs from these competitions are manufactured and sold through our multi-brand stores (both online and offline). The product’s tag will carry the designer’s name along with the #B brand.

By manufacturing and selling winning designs from its competitions through our sales channels; we address the Designers’ desire for market reach and the quest for recognition. In short, we are providing a platform for designers to design, grow, earn and be recognized and appreciated for their creativity. From the Customer perspective; their need for “Design uniqueness” and “Large Variety” is also being met. By this Supply Chain Innovation model, we are able to beat the industry averages for inventory turnover, unsold goods and time to market.

We have around 15,000 strong community on our online design platform of which 400+ are active designers. We sell through 40+ large format multi-brand retail fashion stores in addition to the online presence with an average sale of 1300-1500 units per month.

We are beta testing our Social Commerce Mobile app, which intends to help Designers & Artisans who are struggling to find a market for their products. We will provide them with a platform where they can list and sell their products. This will help them to have a much broader customer base than the limited number of followers they have on Instagram or Facebook. They can also share the products of other Designers on our app, among their network and earn commission on the sales.

With 15,000 strong community currently on the platform and by having more all-embracing emphasis on Content and Influencer Marketing; we hope to build a large and sustainable platform for designers and customers who appreciate unique products.



  1. Keep it up Hashboosh. I think it will be great if you can design and supply the fabrics that the common people dreams. Suppose that I like the dress of princess devsena in a seen very much and I want to present it to my girl friend. I will send you a video link or some pics of what I want. For example https://youtu.be/9G62qLdbVKE?t=39 @ Time 00:39 min . Can you supply it if I am ready to pay enough ?

  2. “Fashion is not about labels or big brands but its about which comes from within you” I am sure fashion designers loved https://hashboosh.com/ because individuals get opportunity to unleash their creativity.

    Really impressed guys with your creativity and this shows that you have been thinking… This idea of giving wings to individual designers and bringing them on one platform and market is very innovative and bold thought.
    I see that It’s top-notch work.

    I’ve two questions which will help me more:

    1) What was the first thought which comes to your mind when you have decided to move forward with this venture?
    2) How can I find your application on the app store?

    While surfing I just came across a very spectacular platform called https://www.geteverythingdelivered.com/ which according to me is very unique platform dealing with startups and providing lot of services which can be of your help in executing your idea to next level.

    A nice saying comes to my mind that – You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

    Good day.


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