Fosterooh: Making Self Protective Cases for elderly – helping them live a safer life


Fosterooh is a socio-economical venture which aims to make the lives of senior citizens better by providing products and services for their daily needs. By senior citizens we don’t mean to say we cater to people only above the exact age group of 60+. The problems that we try to solve starts from 50 itself, so in a way Fosterooh is a company which caters the group of 50+.

The problem that we realized during our research of 100+ senior citizens and caregivers was that most of the senior couples are staying alone because either their children are working abroad or in another city. This is conspicuously seen in the regions of Gujarat and Punjab, due to which higher dependency for neighbours, specifically for health issues are a common feature.

The second most prominent problem we realized was lack of first-aid medicines, due to negligence and not taken as priority, though it is a must. Many incidents had previously occurred where the senior citizens slipped in the bathroom due to wet floor (frequency is higher during night-time) and the injuries due to this leading to other complications. The main reason we identified was the lack of proper medication at home.  

After this research Fosterooh in consultation with Kadji Care (An assisted living facility in Vadodara) came up with the product named The Self-Protective Case targeted to cater to the common problems of elderly. The Preventive Case is Bifurcated in three zones like Surgical, Inflammatory & Diagnostic for all-round usability of senior citizens. This case is priced in such a way that it is on an average 40% less than what’s sold in retail pharmacies or e-commerce websites.

We have launched our first phase of products “The Self-Protective Case” on 26th July 2020 on the occasion of International Parents Day and are currently preparing to launch our services like physiotherapy, pathological check-ups and also routine doctor check-ups that too at affordable prices.



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