Fighting covid-19 with touchless navigation for touch screen kiosks

hand sanitation during covid-19 outbreak

The Corona pandemic has shaken us to the core. The absence of a vaccine to combat the disease is making the situation even worse. The only way we can be sure of ourselves from protecting this perilous virus is to stay home or abide by the social distancing guidelines laid out by the World Health Organisation.

One strange feature of the Corona virus is that it could live on certain surfaces for hours without getting obliterated. The public touch screens such as ATMs, kiosks at railway stations and airports are good candidates for this virus to live on and transmit. Touch Me Not is a concept I and my team developed on top DTMF tones generated by mobile phone.

If a kiosk is “Touch Me Not” enabled then one can use his/her own mobile phone dial pad to generate these tones. The kiosk capture these tones and do the navigation as per user’s selection. Thus turning your phones dial pad into a simple joystick. Hope you still remember how you played The Classic Snake Game. Same goes here.The best part is even the old Nokia 3310 and the all new new iPhone can generate these tones with just their dial pads. ( I believe all popular phones in the market produces these tones ). I believe this concept can be optimised well to work in noisy outdoors. Its very easy to integrate with existing systems as well.

We are still in the process of fine tuning the concept. A demo of Touch Me Not is available on our site.

Stay safe. Stay Home.




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