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Feedback and reviews is essential to drive your sales. We will help you get it

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Customer preferences and perspectives are changing. The internet has enabled a buyer to evaluate a product from the comfort of their home. A recent Harvard study revealed that a typical internet user goes into to read reviews before they make a purchase decision, even if they are buying it from a traditional brick and mortar store. Product reviews and feedbacks are essential to driving the sales of any business. A customer review is an unbiased opinion which another person can trust. We personally  experienced the importance of feedback from our first startup onwards.

I am the co-founder of KRITQa review generation platform helping e-Commerce companies garner reviews for the product sold. One of the key things that we noticed in our market fitment test was that a large number of customers were struggling to get feedback for the services or products that they sold.   Our research found out that one of the major reasons for this was that they were unable to frame coherent English sentences to fill in the feedback section. Their shortage of time, lack of incentives, and sometimes sheer laziness were other factors that determined usable feedback. The only time customers gave reviews feedback was when they had a bad experience with the product or platform. 

KRITQ is developed after numerous conversations with amazon and flipkart sellers, buyers. We have developed AI engine to assist a buyer in framing meaningful english sentences. Our advanced scheduling system allows our clients to send requests for post-purchase feedback at regular intervals.

Currently, we are in our beta testing stage. If anyone is looking for a feedback management system, please let us know in the comments section or use our webtile to reach to us.



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