Exploritage: Providing IT solutions for the Travel & Tourism industry


We at Exploritage are trying to address the following critical pain points of micro, small and medium sized travel and tourism organization.

  • Relies heavily on a lean team set up and lot of time and effort spent in repetitive outdated manual workflows which could have been spent in customer acquisition activities 
  • Lack the ability to access, adjust, and modify in real-time product availability, inventory, and pricing information to provide partners and customers the most accurate window into current holdings and offerings. 
  • Mostly follow manual workflows that slows down the customer conversion process and in many cases loss of customer to competition 

After carefully studying SOPs of 20+ MSME tourism organizations we have mapped the various processes and touch points. Exploritec Tourism ERP ® has digitized the SOPs and created easy work flows. Powerful CRM enables the organization to communicate seamlessly with customers as well as suppliers and internal departments. As everything is in cloud the team can work from anywhere. They can collaborate with other team members and suppliers online.

We have released the Exploritec Tourism ERP ® for first few closed pilot testing. Unfortunately because of Covid-19 pandemic the industry has come to a standstill so our ongoing product pilots. We are constantly in touch with our customers and potential customers to understand their needs and pains better. Based on their inputs we are improving the product further and keeping ourselves ready to go back to the market when it reopens.



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