Destigmatizing menstruation by providing hygiene kits and imparting education


Right from my teenage days, I’ve been an ardent champion of Gender Equality and Children’s Education. I grew up in Mumbai, watching my parents play their part in giving back to the society. During my college years, the interactions I had with women from various cities & towns of India made me realise how rampant the stigma behind Menstruation was. I also noticed a lot of peers having to miss classes due to period discomfort. As I interacted with more and more women, I became aware of diverse beliefs surrounding menstruation – most of which are archaic and contributed to unhygienic practices.

I also realized that period stigma and taboo were not limited to rural areas – it was an urban Indian problem too! I delved deeper into these social issues and found a peculiar contrast. On one hand, women aren’t comfortable discussing their reproductive health and on the other hand, menstruation is normalized to an extent where women neglect taking care of themselves completely!

Thus, The Pink Boxwas born – a care kit for a woman’s needs during their period days – one that reaches their doorstep right when the PMS hits! From healthy snacks and sweets, to period pain relievers and stress busters, The Pink Box is curated keeping in mind the health, comfort and hygiene needs that need to be addressed during one’s period. Subscribers can also customize their box with their choice of sanitary pads or tampons! Starting at Rs. 383 per month, we enable our subscribers to make their menstrual cycles worry-free and comfortable, at an affordable price.

We have also done our bit in giving back to those less privileged than us, with the ‘Gift a Pack of Pads!’ campaign. Through this campaign, we helped benefit over 2000 women and girls! We, however, did not stop at gifting sanitary pads to those in need. We also imparted Menstrual Education, such as the biology behind periods, how to maintain hygiene during those days, and how to beat the stigma that surrounds menstruation.

We also host eco-conscious, plant-based and drug-free wellness products on our platform, such as Menstrual Cups, Biodegradable Pads & Tampons, Anti-Nausea Wrist Brands, Stand & Pee Funnels, Period Pain Relievers, Intimate Hygiene Washes, Period Chocolates, and more. Each and every brand we’ve partnered with comes with a strong vision to bring good-quality health & wellness products to customers.

With the range of products that we bring to the table, and the awareness we generate through our digital media and social campaigns, we at The Pink Box strive to bring about an impactful change and realize our vision – of seeing a Period Positive Indian society!

Authored By: Sanjana Pai, Founder & CEO

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