Creating healthy food products for a sustainable future


Like any idea that one believes to be an opportunity is actually an origin of experience, observation, discussion and more such real life situations which trigger a human’s mind, in my sister ( Shreya Dubey) and my case (Shubham Dubey) it was a mix of experience and observation of lack of a food brand that are pure and have a sense of clarity to display to their customers. 

Coincidently, we happened to have a rough idea of what could potentially be our future project and when coincidence was brought into light, we happened to come up with our venture, Jaivik.

We are a food products manufacturing organization that aims at making healthy food products using natural raw material with the best practices that help us in creating healthier options for people and also create a sustainable future for the upcoming generations. 

The Challenges (Few from the box of many) :

But preparing a plan is one thing, aligning your team or the stakeholders is a major challenge, with very limited knowledge of the organic ways of growing our raw material or explaining them the importance of keeping things Pure and Natural was a challenge that we faced. 

Hence, we amped up our research skills to understand the best practices that exist either in the past or present which would help us in fulfilling our vision of making pure and healthy food products using the best traditional health practices for a sustainable future. 

Once, our process and progress started displaying it’s results, our stakeholders took no time in embracing the natural methods or traditional procedures, whether it’s for growing our crops or feeding our animals to yield the purest quality milk which is our raw material for a product.

The latest challenge faced at this moment is to improve reach and create awareness with extreme budget constraint to build a bigger customer base than what we have. We have been successful in having loyal retained customers who love our products and are consistent purchasers of ours but we aspire to establish ourselves as the most reliable brand for our customers and the potential customers.



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