Creating a platform for artists to grow and succeed


It’s true that talent can come from anywhere. But it’s the lack of opportunities & recognition in tier 2 & tier 3 cities that often becomes a hindrance for an artist/student to learn, grow & succeed in their respective Art related interests. Basic facilities, such as a progressive and learning environment, as well as a platform to grow & succeed in the artistic domain (Poetry, Storytelling, Acting, Singing, Painting or any other form), is what we aim to offer to those who are passionate for different forms of arts and help them to overcome the challenges they often face, due to lack of exposure. 

I, Mayank Singh Senger started Lafz Entertainments with Manvendra Kumar in 2018. Both of us were artists and we both studied at the University of Delhi. We have done theatre and we are into poetry and story writing for the last 4 years. I am now doing an MBA from IIM Ranchi and Manvendra is pursuing his Ph.D. in Environmental Science from Czech Republic, Europe.

We have identified an important yet under-focused problem of the society which is lack of exposure when it comes to promoting art and artists in society. The idea is to create a platform where one can learn, perform and explore different domains of art. We are connecting budding artists, audience art learners, and art tutors at a single platform. This would be a place where one can learn any form of art from industry experts and also one can teach any art form. 

In Lafz Entertainments, we are trying to build an ecosystem for the Artists where they can connect with budding artists, audience, and other art enthusiasts. Idea is to commercialize the art form of tier-2/3 cities artists. These offerings are simple but very crucial in order to promote artistic culture along with huge growth opportunities if seen from a business perspective. 

Initially, all the operational activities were handled by bootstrapping but we were able to reach the breakeven point within 3 months of our inauguration. Now Lafz has a team of 10 members and currently, it is active in 10 different cities of North India. 

In the pandemic, Lafz has built a network with around 2000+ Artists. Our venture has observed significant growth due to the online nature of the workshops and other events as we are now able to target the audience at the Pan India level. Lafz has achieved many recognitions in the past years. Some of them are mentioned below: 

1. Best Innovator Award – By CSIO Chandigarh, 2020

2. National Winner of Fintech Techathon 2020, sponsored by World V, organized by the Department of Finance and Business Economics, of the University of Delhi.



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