Contact-less laundry service using technology and digital lockers


In India, the Laundry service still follows age-old method and in prevalence. On market research, I found that the laundry sector is majorly unorganized, while organized players also face CAPEX/OPEX issues. Providing on-time pickup and ensuring hassle-free delivery service is also an issue due to unavailability of staff and miss match with customers timings.

So, I thought of amalgamating contact-less laundry with technology and came up with the idea of Dhobilocker: Combination of Digital Lockers and Mobile App platform. I started this company from Bengaluru and aligned it with the vision “SMART CITY” should have SMART domestic services. I have developed an IaaS + SaaS model focusing on issues of end customers as well as laundromats. 

Our platform is user-friendly and contactless. Customers can put garments in an empty locker in their premises, at their convenient time. They will get notifications in a mobile app regarding payment, pin code, timing and locker number of the machine for delivery. Laundromats can quickly expand by merely setting up Lockers in buildings, housing complex, hostels, malls, hospitals, etc. Organizing Laundromats under a single umbrella of our brand has been the prime factor in attracting clients. They can purchase our machine and app as a bundle, or they can choose the revenue sharing model where branding and locker are ours. We have reduced need for multiple stores by bringing lockers to customer’s reach, thus reducing logistics exponentially. 

Currently, we are processing over 10000+ garments every month from 60+ buildings with the help of our 25+ service and reseller partners. We have signed up with some of the top clients including Builders, Hostels, Coliving, CoWorking, Apartments and Superstores with successful implementations in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon, Delhi and launching soon in UK. We have signed MoU with following organizations: Campus Students Communities, Colive, Grexter, CoHo, Commune Apartments, The Hello World, OYOLife, , Innov8 and Smartworks.

We have also made a strategic alliance with Laundry Machine Sellers and Laundry Turnkey solution providers and in collaboration with them we are expanding PAN India and  entering the Global market. We hope to reach out to 10000 customers by the end of the year. We are actively looking for funding to expand business globally while guaranteeing world-class user experience. 



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