Chocobliss: Making a career out of gifting chocolates


I have always loved making chocolates. But I never really thought of it as a career. One day, on a small vacation, my husband suggested me to put up a chocolate stall at an exhibition that was being conducted by my cousin. It all started off from there. It clicked and here I am with my start up The Choco Bliss

So as I went on, I started getting into more of festive gifting. I started looking for new presentation ideas everyday. I faced many challenges. But the most difficult one was introducing new packaging every season. I faced a little difficulty in pricing as well. 

I was always a last minute person. To overcome this challenge, I started to plan from prior. I started collecting my materials from much before I needed them. You always have a scope to improve as much as you can. So I attended an advanced chocolate making class in Bombay.

I have learnt many lessons as an entrepreneur. One of which is always being organised to what you want. Planning is another important aspect, which cannot be ignored. I have learnt to be confident. I have learnt that marketing is such an important aspect of any business. You keep learning as you grow. The world is such a big place, you meet new people and you come across so many things that will change the way we look at the world.



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