An online platform for small local shops


Vyaparionline is an e-commerce platform for local retailers to switch their business online. It is an app-based solution for our local vendors. A community of the merchants and customers who stand with them. It is a  full-fledged forum that unites shops with their regular as well as new clients. As the name suggests it is for ordinary vendors’ wellbeing

Nowadays customers started to prefer online to offline purchases. It may badly affect our local retailers. Because they couldn’t start online platforms due to their technical and financial difficulties and high marketing cost involved in developing an online platform. Vyaparionline is there to help them.

Local shops are closer to the common people in each town. They hold their hands in disasters like floods and Covid. So their survival is very important in society. Shops can increase their sales online and customers can easily purchase online from their nearest shops. The economy will be badly affected if COVID prevents us to purchase the essentials from the shops. So many economists suggest that the shops including supply co to start online trading. Vyaparionline is designed to help merchants to make their business online.

Now let us see how Vyaparionline works. Vyaparionline is an application that can be used on the web, ios, and Android platforms. Retailers can go to, register as a shop, sign up as a vendor through the website/app, or contact customer care. After registering, they can log into the shop app or website dashboard with the username and password which they received and can start adding their products to it. Customers can buy products through the App or Website from their favorite shops, order by product, brand, and search. And billing POS (Point of Sale) for retailers. Online and Offline software facility is also provided….!! With this, you can manage your purchases and sales and automatically update your stock on your webpage….!! Online payment and cash-on-delivery options are available. A customer can either collect the packed items from the shops showing the order ID that received while ordering or select home delivery to get it to their selected locations by dedicated delivery boys, Auto rickshaw /Tempo drivers, etc. 

We provide training to the people who are interested to do this business as a franchise in each panchayath. They will provide all assistance to the vendors, delivery boys, and customers in that region compared to other online shopping methods, the delivery of products does not require days of waiting. The customer will receive the products on the same day by ordering from the nearest shops. Retailers who sell grocery, restaurant, supermarket, furniture, home appliances, mobiles & computers, footwear & bags, hardware, fruits and vegetables, fish, meat & chicken can register with the platform and start selling online. And cottage industry operators, farmers, and kudumbasree units can also sell their products to the customers directly through is called, sustainable growth and marketing development. This is a very useful concept for all range of suppliers and customers. 

As a start-up, our prime success is the oneness of the team. Our geographical space is not condensed in a particular area. It scatters over the whole Kerala level. Within a year of commencing almost 1300 stores and franchisees had registered on our site.



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