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EXTRAINSIGHTS is a new age online journalism aggregator & curator. We handpick credible, indepth and analytical write-ups on trending and important issues from reputable publishers like WSJ, NYT,, Outlook and other reputable blogs, experts and not-so-famous thought leaders, under one subscription & application.

The Internet is full of snackable news & information content which doesn’t provide the reader any
meaningful insights. Due to the advertisement based business model which makes news publishers depend on third parties for revenue, news organisations are creating content centred around ‘click-worthiness’ and not ‘Read-worthiness’. Editorial standards too sometimes take a hit when a publisher is in deep despair and has to rely on advertisers to sustain their business. Some news organisations and TV channels have completely given up the spirit of journalism and have become government mouthpieces promoting a specific ideology and agenda.

Publishers however, cannot be solely held responsible for the deteriorating quality of content, the rise of the internet which led to the removal of barriers to publishing, that made everyone a publisher and removed the filter to the quality of content being published. The consumers have been fed the false narrative of real time updates being better than patient insightful analysis. This has instilled a deep Fear of Missing Out among the ‘Digital Generation’ that keeps shuffling through various news apps and blogs to read the same information over and over again without gaining any additional insights or realising that there isn’t actually a notable update on the event.

EXTRA! INSIGHTS has set out to solve this issue of reduction in the quality of Online News & information. We dive into the depths of the internet to find publishers and creators, that take their
time to analyse an event and use their expertise to write content that adds value in the life of their
readers & viewers, rather than to catch a fleeting internet trend or rank well on search engines. We
aggregate & curate them on a platform where people can enjoy journalism and its insights. No clickbait content, No fast news, just a safe space to learn, update and analyse.

EXTRA! INSIGHTS is currently a boot-strapped revenue driven startup, looking to grow to profitability by the end of 2021. Since its inception we have been focused on building real value for our customers and stakeholders and therefore have followed a very revenue driven approach towards the business.

Our content is valuable, not just for the readers & viewers but also for the creators who spent not just
blood & sweat but money to create it and therefore, our platform is available only via a one- time
payment of ₹50. You can access our award winning curation via our website or Android App (iOS App
Coming Soon)



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