Fosterooh’s growth in 6 months in this COVID 19 lockdown


My dream of becoming an entrepreneur started with my interest in supercars. I used to stick posters of Lamborghini, Ferrari in the room with a wish of owning one. I asked my parents that what do these people do (So that I can also become one). They replied that most of the people who can afford these cars are a businessman. From that day I decided that I want to start something of my own.

Coming from a service background family with all the Masters and PhD degrees, I had zero knowledge about business. Also getting a degree was also very important me as I came from that kind of Background. So, I had an eye for doing an MBA since before even completing my schooling. Soon I finished my 12th std my parents suggested that start-ups and businesses are and I should have a stable degree to back me up if something goes south, so I did my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering. While preparing for an MBA I can across the course MBA in innovation and Entrepreneurship of SIBM Pune which I am currently perusing. And on 9th December 2019, I laid the foundation of Fosterooh Enterprises.

Talking about challenges, other than learning the ins and outs of the business from scratch I faced many problems including learning about the right meaning of Entrepreneurship, generating ideas to start something, developing the idea into a proper structure. The biggest issues that I faced in past 6 months was that we had the concept ready but due to the sudden lockdown it became very difficult to develop the suppliers for incoming materials including the artwork and packaging.

To overcome all the personal problems, all I did was a lot of research, meeting and talking as many as people possible as far as the lockdown problems are concerned, I learned how to be patient in such a time of crisis.

There are and will be problems when you get out of your comfort zone. You can’t stop the wave but prepare yourself in such a way that you can surf above it. The lessons that I learned from my journey is that always start small but never stop at small.
Most of the aspiring entrepreneurs stop themselves while looking for an idea only as they can’t find one. The only advice I would like to give is that while coming up an idea you shouldn’t think like this that my product has to be the most innovative product that mankind has ever seen. Start Small and upgrade it to the big. 



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