An educational platform founded by stock market enthusiasts having a decade of industry experience


Trading insight is an educational platform founded by stock market enthusiasts having a decade of industry experience. At trading insight, we provide mentorship and internship programs for individuals looking for industry expert for the stock trading and investing skills. We started this initiative with the focus of bridging the gap of financial literacy, inculcate the value of risk management and lead individuals towards the path of financial independence. For so many years, stock market has been termed to mere gambling. At many instances, stock market is used interchangeably to losing money.

Even today, only 2-3 % of our population is inclined towards stock market and out of those very few are focused upon attaining and learning investing and trading skills.

Stock market is linked with perceived risk and people have aversion to risk. Lack of financial knowledge is becoming the barrier to people who can exploit the financial sector to make career out of it, generate wealth or create passive income from this market.

Whether looking for making a career in financial market or wanting self- improvement of skills, learning is the first step towards success and we provide all kinds of learning solution.We are focused on delivering 1:1 basis of quality of education and skills at nominal prices.

With our vast experience, expertise and years of research we have finally decoded the hidden occult of profound trader W.D.GANN and we are delivering such edge giving courses at nominal prices.

We give the knowledge and expertise of financial assets to improve the financial future. Build those skills and set yourself up to succeed. Currently, we are providing 20+ courses depending upon the individual needs in a customise manner.We provide structures from the very basic to the core on all the segments of stock market.



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