Always listen to your customers. They will be never wrong


Amjad and Nishad and I are college friends and always wanted to do something related to football. In one of our discussions the problem of booking turfs came about and we started working on it and ended up with Playspots. 

One of the things we all agreed upon is that there are no personal interests once we started with playspots. Initially I felt like we had chosen the wrong path when my friends were taking vacations every year and quite often. I could not even think about it because of the daily challenges posted by the startup. 

One of the biggest challenges I faced came up within a span of a few months after the launch of Playspots, 5 new similar apps (copycats)  cropped up and we were in sight of losing traction and revenue. My friends tried helping us by sharing the information on new turfs opened and with news articles on sports. But the challenge was quite huge. 

We decided to invest rapidly on consumer feedback since it was a customer centric product. We took their inputs and started to build a product that’s market driven. Over a period of time we built a good relationship with the turf owners, streamlined operations and copycats went out of business. Today I feel it was a blessing in disguise that we had such an experience, otherwise it would have been a different story. 

Playspots was initially self funded and then we got grants and seed fund from KSUM. One of the first lessons I’ve learnt as an entrepreneur is that there is no time to relax, you need to keep adjusting the metrics on a low budget. I define this success story using a football analogy. It requires quick decisions, sudden maneuvers and aggressive tactics moreover its a great de-stressing exercise. 

One mantra I wanted to tell the budding entrepreneurs is to always keep your startup customer centric and run on low budgets until you achieve a constant revenue flow.



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