A venture that’s looking beyond making furnitures for customers


Woodbulk Furnitures is a distinguishable fresh entrant in the space of furniture and interior-d├ęcor accessories. Built on the belief that furniture is one of the most momentous decisions to be made in the journey of making a “house”, a “home”, WoodBulk characterizes itself as providers of modern-looking, space-efficient & multipurpose pieces of furniture and accessories in their adjacency.

Founded in 2020 in Pune, it is handled by 5 classmates of an MBA batch, studying Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Adhiraaj Solanki, Mudit Sharma, Rajdeep Nath, Rohan Bora and Tanzeel Hussain. Amongst ourselves, is a representation of diverse academic & work backgrounds which breeds synergy.

It is common observation that furniture is hardly relevant and relatable nowadays. It is still to transcend generational evolution. The major factors behind this conservatism of furniture are these 3:

  • Most pieces of furniture offer only singular utilities
  • Inefficient, inept & inadequate use of finite volume of space
  • Modern-looking & aesthetic designs are not commonly found or made

The fundamental difference between the current industry players and WoodBulk is that WoodBulk puts design excellence on the apex of their priorities. Each and every product of ours undergoes meticulously drawn stages of hand-sketching, computer-aided design and structural-cum-material analyses, before fabrication. We put heart and soul into optimizing the 3 attributes of maximum utility, effective management of space and spellbinding looks.

In the typical journey of a new business venture today, of the stages of ideation, business-plan, validation, traction & growth and finally scaling, we are on the 3rd: Validation – development of an MVP. We are also making progress in an interior-decoration vertical, simultaneously.

As mentioned before, the process employed by WoodBulk is our ethos: preliminary design by hand, generation & optimization of computer-aided design and finally, analyses of structural, material and ergonomic integrity.



  1. It’s nice to see some new good furniture companies rising at our nation , eagerly waiting to see exiting new products which will be both attractive and ergonomic or even may be integrated with some new electronics and electrical features which are not available at our daily shops .


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