A modest attempt to bring changes in existing pedagogy


I am a teacher at heart and started my career as one in Australia before coming back to India. My passion for crafting impactful journeys for children has led me to start Kangaroo Kids Education Limited that runs Kangaroo Kids Preschools and Billabong High International Schools across India, Dubai, Maldives and Qatar. I have been, in all my modesty, one of the renowned educators and edupreneurs who is trusted by parents and my colleagues in office and loved by the children I work with.

My spirit was dampened by the schooling system that killed the creativity, individuality and the soul of children and saw potential as finite rather than infinite. The system followed the rote-learning methodologies and did not give our children enough space and scope to build their creativity and utilize their imagination to the fullest, instead made them a part of a rat-race to score better grades and achieve empty accolades.

This longing to see children harness their creativity and imagination, to honour their individuality and nurture their potential was the catalyst that pushed me to decide to take the next step. I sold my standing in Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High to pursue solutions that I could offer to the next generation. In my findings I discovered that changing the schooling system is a slow process but this need to bring about immediate changes led me to look at the other places where kids take their learnings from; home and parents. Then I stated focusing on parents because if they would indulge in mindful parenting and empower children to develop their emotional quotient as well as fuel their creativity and imagination at home, then half the battle is won.

Thus, I joined hands with a dear friend and Korroboree was born.

The experience of starting Korroboree has made me realize that we need to teach our children to be more than just resilient, they need to learn to be anti-fragile and also be able to self-regulate their emotions.

They need to be taught to ask questions as much as possible, always challenging the status-quo in order to come up with better solutions to our problems and also in order to live a more fulfilling, abundant life. It is in our hands as parents to let them learn from our experiences and promote their emotional growth through them.



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