A decision that redefined the story of Aquaculture


The seed of Dissolved Oxygenplus was sowed at the beginning of 2017. Initially it was planned to make wind based aerators for aquaculture farming to bring down the production cost. The team did make some prototypes but it didn’t give the desired results. Later stages of 2017 I joined with the team in their efforts for developing a product which will bring down the production cost. Thus happened Sprinkler Aerator. We did make the prototype and changed the design enough times during the trials so that we can get the desired results. Early half of 2018 we had made lots of changes on the design front and did lots of trials in the fresh water ponds where we got excellent results. We decided to sell Sprinkler aerator commercially at the end of 2018 and we got our first order from Ashvini Fisheries, Tamilnadu. Then we sold our units in AP, Orrisa, Gujarat, Karnataka and Kerala. Sprinkler aerator had it’s own share of problems when it was installed in the commercial ponds. With each installations we where able to address the issues.

We have addressed all the issues and added more value addition to the product Sprinkler Aerator and it’s fully market equipped now. Meanwhile we have also developed a new product Baffle Blower Aerator which can revolutionise the aeration industry with its cost effectiveness. In this regard we have arranged for a trial pond at Nellore for doing the real time trial of Baffle blower aerator and the value added benefits of sprinkler aerator. As

The major season of aquaculture farming is summer crop which starts from Feb/ March. As we all are aware of the pandemic and the lockdown associated with it, the farming practice was severely hit. Most of the areas where not able to stock because of the lockdown associated problems. Pre Covid we had made arrangements to do the trials for developing our flagship product Sprinkler Aerator further added benefits and our new product Baffle Blower Aerator.

During the lockdown most of the ponds which where stocked didn’t get good results nor good rates. The industry is going through very lean period because of non availability of quality seeds and severe lack of migrant labourers. Almost the summer crop is at the fag end and still the restrictions of lockdown is staring at the face of the industry. The winter crop which has to start by next month is almost at a standstill because of the above said situation. Repeated failures of the culture have caused unbearable financial damages to the farmers.

Post Covid, once the travelling restrictions are lifted we will resume from where we have stopped. We will start the trial ponds and set a new protocol for sustainable aquaculture practice.

During the lockdown period we have fine tuned our development of new products and developed our existing products new models. Now we have to complete the process in the actual farm conditions. For this we will need business partners who can invest in our company.



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